Western Victorian Mental Health Learning & Development Cluster

We deliver a range of training and development initiatives for staff located in western metropolitan and regional mental health services of Victoria. Some Western Cluster events are also open to external partners.


In 2004, the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria (DHHS) initiated the Workforce Development Project.

This project grouped Victorian mental health services into three clusters:

  • North East Cluster (NEVIL)
  • Southern Cluster (LAMPS)
  • Western Cluster

Victoria’s Learning and Development Clusters provide a powerful vehicle for implementing mental health workforce development.

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The Western Cluster Committees of Management are committed to genuine change and innovation in training delivery. Translation of skills, knowledge and attitudes that impact positively on direct care practice are at the core of the Western Cluster philosophy.

We aim to:

  • ensure that all Western Cluster activities are strategically guided by relevant policy and workforce considerations
  • establish a cohesive, coordinated, and practice based model for cluster activities
  • strengthen the capacity of the mental health workforce, by delivering robust, inclusive, and evidence based workforce development
  • strengthen statewide partnership with other workforce development providers

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The members of the Western Cluster are:

The Western Cluster is also a participating member of the DHHS Clusters Collaborative Steering Committee, where each of the three statewide clusters, as well as other mental health organisations, meet monthly to discuss and consider Victorian mental health workforce priorities.


Lead Agency

NorthWestern Mental Health is the Lead Agency for the Western Cluster.

Lead Agents have responsibility for overseeing the day to day management of all identified Cluster responsibilities. Lead Agents work collaboratively and transparently with the committees regarding overall aims and planning of all Cluster education and training.

Governance Group

The Governance Group is responsible for providing a single point of coordination to achieve the goals and objectives for the Cluster.

The Governance Group is also responsible for providing advice and strategic guidance and direction, determining structures and roles, funding arrangements, and evaluation developments. Each participating Cluster service has a member representative on governance.

Steering Committee

A philosophy of collaboration, inclusion and equity underpins the roles and responsibilities of the Western Victorian Mental Health Learning & Development Cluster Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the implementation and evaluation of workforce development activities within the cluster. It is primarily responsible for progressing operational issues associated with the major activities. The Steering Committee reports to the Governance Group, and provides support and advice as required to this group.

Each participating Cluster service has a member representative on the Steering Committee. Allied Health groups, Aged Persons Mental Health, and Child and Youth Mental Health are also represented.