Eating Disorders Day Patient Program

Our Day Patient Program (DPP) is beneficial for people requiring more support and treatment than can be obtained through outpatient or community care. The DPP can be useful as a transition between an inpatient stay and home.

What we do

The aims of the day program are to:

  • normalise eating behaviour and attitudes
  • restore weight to within the individual's healthy weight range
  • resolve issues associated with the development of an eating disorder
  • work towards acceptance of a healthy body size and shape
  • facilitate psycho-social maturation

A dynamic, wide ranging timetable of therapeutic groups offer plenty of opportunities to practice confronting unhelpful behavioural patterns and beliefs. These can include:

  • behavioural therapy
  • psycho-education
  • family work
  • body image
  • mindfulness practice
  • art therapy
  • nutrition groups
  • goal setting
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • awareness groups
  • group mentoring from past patients     


The DPP runs Monday to Friday during school terms and is an open group. The program can run from 4 to 10 weeks (usually inclusive of a two week part-time component) with occasional short breaks throughout the year. 


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To make a referral, contact our Triage service on 1300 874 243 (1300 TRIAGE).