Behavioural Assessment and Specialist Intervention Consultation Service (BASICS)

What we do

The Behavioural Assessment and Specialist Intervention Consultation Service (BASICS) provides support to consumers with a mental health concern or a dementia living in  a residential care facility, their family and those providing their care.  

Our services include:

  • providing information and advice
  • education and tailored information workshops
  • assessments
  • assistance with case management and care planning
  • mentoring and modelling of behaviour management techniques

We endeavour to better understand and respond to each person as a unique individual and to work collaboratively to enhance well-being and quality of life.

Our team

Our team is staffed with a diverse range of highly skilled mental health clinicians who undertake thorough individual assessments to compliment care planning that assists consumers and their carer’s in supporting the consumers through their recovery journey.

Interpreters, psychiatrists, psychologists, and neuropsychologists can also be engaged when there is a need.

General practitioners remain the primary health care professional. We liaise with GPs throughout the consumer's time with us.

What happens after referral?

One of our mental health clinicians will:

  • visit the consumer in their current care environment
  • interview and assess their well-being and mental health status
  • develop a plan in consultation with the consumer, their family/carer and local doctor taking into account their preferences, well-being and wider social and cultural background
  • visit to offer support and further reviews as needed


Consumers are eligible for our service if they:

  • are aged 65 years or over, or younger consumers with an age-related illness
  • have disturbances of thoughts, mood or perception
  • have behavioural and/or psychological symptoms of dementia
  • live in an residential aged care facility
  • are being discharged from an Aged Persons Acute Inpatient Unit to an residential aged care facility
  • are transitioning from an acute hospital admission into a residential aged care facility
  • live within the North Western Mental Health catchment areas


We operate Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5pm.


Find out more about the BASICS location.


To make a referral, contact our Triage service on 1300 874 243 (1300 TRIAGE). 

Any person living in a residential aged care facility can be referred to us.

Referrals can be made by the consumer, their family/carer, their local doctor, the staff at the residential facility, or a representative on their behalf.