Community Care Units

What we do

We operate 80 beds across four Community Care Unit (CCUs) in Flemington, St Albans, Preston and Broadmeadows.

Our four CCUs provide 24 hour recovery-focused rehabilitation in a community residential setting to people who usually have multiple and complex needs.

Our CCUs aim to increase a person's psychosocial independence through a variety of person-centred programs to develop daily living skills. These programs include:

  • access to multidisciplinary clinical support and treatment, including regular medical psychiatric review, Allied Health and 24 hour nursing support
  • residential rehabilitation programs based on need
  • individualised assessment, care planning and review of suitability for less restrictive treatment and care
  • psycho-education and support to family/carers and promotion of continued links between people and their family/carers
  • monitoring, engagement and support of people receiving compulsory treatment under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 2014
  • promotion of community links and partnerships to foster integration into the broader community


The CCU provides specialised services to consumers who are already registered with a local area mental health service, and:

  • have moderate to severe psychiatric illness and associated disability with significantly reduced psycho-social functioning
  • are aged 18-64 years
  • require intensive recovery-oriented community residential treatment and intervention to reduce the impact of ongoing mental illness, evidenced by multiple admissions in last 12 months and intensive outreach support required
  • are willing to engage on some level with a multidisciplinary team, and risks are manageable in an open community set up
  • reside in the appropriate catchment area for a NorthWestern Mental Health service
  • due to their illness and disability, cannot live in an alternative community setting

Other considerations

Considerations are given to consumers who have complex needs, this may include, in addition to a psychiatric component, multiple disabilities associated with:

  • drug and/or alcohol
  • Intellectual disability
  • personality traits or disorder
  • challenging behaviours

Consideration is also given to consumers who demonstrate a willingness to be collaboratively involved in psycho-social rehabilitation with identified goals such as financial, self-care and vocational.


Find out more about Community Care Unit (CCU) locations.


Referrals to CCUs can only be made by staff from a NorthWestern Mental Health mental health service.

To make a referral, contact the relevant CCU directly.