Adult Community Teams

What we do

Our Adult Community Teams provide specialist mental health assessment, care and treatment for people across seven community-based locations in northern and western metropolitan Melbourne.

When a person is admitted to our Community Team, a key clinician and a treating doctor are allocated to work with them. Our Community Teams work in collaboration with the person, their GP, private psychiatrist, family/carers and other supports as appropriate. Together they work on a plan to support recovery.

Our Community Teams typically offer:

  • face-to-face clinical assessment
  • development of a joint recovery and wellness plan, based on the needs and preferences of the consumer and their family/carer
  • clinical interventions; short or longer-term based on the person's needs
  • care likely to include linkages to primary care supports, support for recovery, physical health screening, psycho education, short term therapy and medication support

We also offer a consultative service to primary care to enhance the capacity of primary care providers to recognise and treat mental health disorders in the community, through:

  • specialist assessment, secondary consultation and provision of advice and education
  • facilitating the linking with other service providers
  • providing shared care with other health professionals
  • providing post-care for people who have completed an episode of care and are having intermittent follow-up, including phone calls and/or review appointments


As a public clinical mental health service, our services are for people with a significant level of disturbance, psychosocial need or concern regarding a risk to themselves or others as a result of a mental illness.  Common diagnoses treated by our services include, but are not limited to:

  • schizophrenia
  • first episode psychosis
  • bipolar disorder
  • severe personality disorder
  • severe depression or anxiety disorder

Entry criteria is consistent with those for all public acute mental health services.


The type of support and intervention provided by our Community Teams depends on need, and varies in duration from a few weeks to a much longer period of time. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team seven days a week, from morning to mid evening.


Find out more about Community Team locations.


To make a referral, contact our Triage service on 1300 874 243 (1300 TRIAGE).