Mental health nurse resilience education

Implementation of a resilience education program for mental health nurses: a feasibility study

Project details

Occupational stress related to high patient acuity and unpredictable or challenging situations is a common issue for nurses in acute adult mental health services. Unmanaged stress is associated with significant health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and mental health problems.

In mental health nursing, workplace stress is also associated with job dissatisfaction and burnout. There is evidence, however, that preventative workplace resilience education can address potential impacts and build individuals’ capacity to adapt in challenging workplace situations. Resilience encompasses the processes, resources, and characteristics that strengthen individuals’ adaptive responses and outcomes from stressors and adverse events.

To date, structured resilience education for nurses has not been implemented or evaluated in Victorian acute adult mental health services. The aim of the study is to evaluate the feasibility and outcomes for nurses participating in a workplace resilience education program in NorthWestern Mental Health.

Research outcomes

It is anticipated that nurses may develop knowledge and skills that support them to be more resilient to future workplace and life challenges.

The results will be disseminated to NWMH service and the Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse. Findings will inform future roll-out and delivery of resilience education for the nursing workforce, and will be disseminated externally through conferences and peer reviewed journal publications.


Prof Kim Foster


  • Dr Trentham Furness, Research Fellow, NWMH & ACU
  • Celeste Cuzzillo, Research Support Officer, NWMH & ACU


  • Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government
  • Professor Ian Shochet, School of Psychology and Counselling, Queensland University of Technology


  • Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse, Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government