Advanced Clinician Training - 2 day workshop

**BY NOMINATIONS ONLY** If you are interested in participating we suggest you discuss this with your manager and let them know that they will be asked to make a nomination.

This intensive training is designed for the experienced mental health clinician to follow the continuum of care for mental health consumers with co-occurring substance use issues from intake to discharge.

Throughout this interactive training, participants will put theory into practice in group and individual activities designed around real situations.

Instead of clinicians registering themselves based on interest, we will be emailing all Program managers across NWMH directly and asking them to nominate one member of their team to become a Dual Diagnosis advanced clinician.

The prerequisites, along with a nomination from your manager, are:

  1. Completing a 2 day MI training within 12 months if not already completed (see our calendar for details).
  2. At least 2 years clinical mental health experience.

Key expectations of participating clinicians have been:

  • Bringing a de-identified Substance Use Brief Assessment (SUBA) they have completed with a consumer
  • Sharing their experience of current dual diagnosis practice
  • Identifying a Dual Diagnosis goal they would like to achieve in their work and developing an implementation plan in the workshop

For further information please contact MHTDU.