First Nations Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Team

The First Nations Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Team can provide welcome and orientation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people accessing the mental health service.

Regardless of the entry point to the service, a SEWB team member will meet with the person after a referral has been made, providing a key element of cultural safety, and will support the person during their recovery journey including providing consultation to staff.

The SEWB staff can also connect First Nations mental health consumers with community programs and ACCHOs. Two Koori beds will be available in the new acute psychiatry unit when completed.

Staff member from the First Nations Social and Emotional Wellbeing team holding a boomerang

SEWB roles include five identified roles and two allies. These include the First Nations Consumer Lived Experience Worker, Senior SEWB clinician, Project Officer (supporting embedding the SEWB model within the service), First Nations Community Clinician and a Psychosocial Support Worker. A psychiatric registrar and consultant psychiatrist can support the First Nations staff with the Registrar based at VAHS as part of a staff exchange program.

The SEWB team are members of the executive leadership group, driving cultural safety improvements, and work closely with the RMH Aboriginal Health Unit within the RMH.

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