Do you need an interpreter?

We have a strong commitment to meeting the communication needs of all people accessing our services. Interpreting services are available to facilitate the communication between you and your treating team either in person or over the phone.

Interpreting services are provided by highly qualified professional interpreters.

We have access to interpreting services in more than 160 languages including AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language).

Tell us if you or your family member needs an interpreter

How do I organise an interpreter?

Tell us you need an interpreter when you make contact with one of our services or on your admission. Our staff will make a booking for an interpreter in your preferred language.

If an interpreter in not available to attend an appointment in person, we can contact a telephone interpreter service 24 hours a day (including after hours, weekends and public holidays) to help you communicate with us.

Translated information

We are in the process of developing mental health information in many languages.

In the meantime, you can visit: