Nursing careers

Our nurses work across the full range of clinical and service settings.

About mental health nursing

Mental health nursing is a specialised field of nursing which focuses on working with consumers to meet their recovery goals. Our mental health nursing model considers the persons' physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs, within the context of the person's lived experience and in partnership with their family, significant others and the broader community.

Our mental health nurses support consumers and their families during life crises and transition periods, they liaise effectively with a range of health care providers, provide information education on mental health maintenance and restoration, coordinate care and provide talking therapy.

Nurses play a significant role in the health care system and have the qualifications, skills and experience to provide high quality mental health nursing care in all contexts. The mental health nursing workforce is flexible and responsive and able to work with people across the life span, and in a variety of work place settings.

Evaluation and research

We are proud of our specialist expertise and first-class resources, including our Academic Mental Health Nursing Research Unit lead by Prof Kim Foster.