Consumer and Carer - Lived Experience Workforce

We highly value the expertise of lived experience.

We are committed to strengthening and enhancing our consumer and carer workforce.  Our consumer and carer leadership and participation activities are designed to support incorporation of lived experience into all our service areas.

Our consumer and carer workforce is comprised of:

  • Consumer and carer advisors
  • Consumer and carer consultants
  • Consumer and carer peer workers
  • Consumer and carer advisory groups

For more information, contact our Consumer Advisor or Carer Advisor.

Consumer and carer advisors   

Consumer and carer advisors are employed to facilitate consumer and carer leadership and participation. Our consumer and carer advisors:

  • are available for consultation across all services and liaise with management and staff on consumer or carer related issues
  • ensure consumers and carers are involved in service planning, delivery, and evaluation
  • provide education and training inclusive of consumer and carer perspectives
  • provide advice regarding strategic directions, service redesign and quality improvements
  • influence decision-making processes at all levels
  • are members of the NWMH Executive and Continuous Improvement Committees
  • connect and network both internally and externally with the peak bodies for consumers and carers, the wider consumer and carer communities, and other relevant organisations

Consumer and carer consultants

Consumer and carer consultants lead consumer and carer participation in their local services. Our consumer and carer consultants are members of the local service Executive committees, and co-ordinate and support their local consumer and carer advisory groups.  The consultants are involved in:

  • facilitating communication between consumers and carers and the mental health service
  • service development, delivery and evaluation 
  • resource allocation
  • providing education and training
  • staff selection
  • a range of projects and other activities

Consumer and carer peer support workers

Our consumer and carer peer support workers provide one-to-one support to consumers and carers based on shared understandings and respect between people in similar situations. 

Consumer and carer advisory groups

Consumer and carer advisory groups work in partnership with mental health services by providing valuable feedback on a range of activities, resources and initiatives. They assist in identifying areas for improvement and enhance consumer and carer participation within the organisation.