Our staff

Our workforce is comprised of a strong multidisciplinary team of over 1,800 people.

Our clinical workforce is primarily comprised of the disciplines of medicine (psychiatry), nursing, occupational therapy, clinical psychology and social work.

Multidisciplinary teams of clinicians work in acute and rehabilitation inpatient services, community mental health services, and residential services including community rehabilitation units, hostels and nursing homes.



Our clinicians are trained in a range of disciplines:

  • Occupational therapists have specialist training in the assessment and treatment of functional skills, thus promoting health and wellbeing by enabling people to participate in activities of daily living.
  • Psychiatric nurses specialise in the nursing care and treatment of people with a mental illness, with a focus on the person's physical health.
  • Psychiatrists are registered medical practitioners who have undertaken specialised training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of mental illness.
  • Clinical psychologists provide specialist assessment and treatment of mental health conditions with the aim of teaching consumers how to think, feel, behave and react in more helpful ways.
  • Social workers provide counselling and advocacy including negotiating access to social and community supports, in particular housing and finances.

Multidisciplinary teams

Staff providing treatment and care may include:

  • Key clinicians, who have a range of backgrounds and qualifications including clinical psychology, social work, occupational therapy or mental health nursing.
  • Consultant psychiatrists, who are registered, qualified senior medical practitioners who have undertaken further extensive specialised training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of mental illness.
  • Psychiatric registrars, who are registered, qualified medical practitioners training to become psychiatrists, working under the supervision of the Consultant Psychiatrist. Registrars are usually required to move locations every six months in order to complete their training. As a result, your treating doctor may change. We try to make the transition process as smooth as possible.
  • Junior medical staff, who have recently graduated and not yet commenced formal specialist training.
  • Duty workers are mental health professionals within the Community Team who can provide support to you and your family or carer when your key clinician or doctor is unavailable. This service operates during business hours.

Leadership team

Our leadership team consists of:

  • Director of clinical services and area manager who work in partnership providing overall leadership and accountability for the provision and coordination of high quality clinical services. The director of clinical services is also the Authorised Psychiatrist under the Mental Health Act 2014 and can delegate duties, functions and powers under the Mental Health Act to consultant psychiatrists.
  • Consultant psychiatrists, program managers and team leaders provide clinical and operational leadership to the programs and manage the day-to-day running of the program.
  • Discipline seniors (nursing, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, social work) provide professional discipline leadership, development and supervision of the workforce.
  • Consumer consultants and carer consultants are staff members with a lived experience of a mental illness or of caring for a family member with a mental illness.
  • Administration officers complete a variety of office duties, including greeting you at Reception and providing clerical support to staff.
  • There are also a number of senior staff who provide targeted support and specialist input to clinical services, such as mental health tribunal coordinator, forensic clinical specialist, SUMITT (alcohol and other drug workers), clozapine coordinators, quality manager and health information manager.