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Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Program - About Us

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The Victorian mental health service system is undergoing significant reform particularly in relation to practice and culture change requirements that stem from the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014.

Broader reforms within Victoria’s Mental Health Community Support services are also impacting on workforce and service delivery. This shift requires innovation, service re-design and workforce development in order to facilitate the move away from a program focus to an integrated service model.

Identifying and building the capacity of leaders across a range of disciplines is critical to supporting and driving the successful implementation of these reforms. Supporting the shift in culture and practice to providing services that are responsive, client-directed, family-inclusive and recovery-oriented is crucial.

Change management and culture change theory identifies the need for strong and effective leaders to drive innovative and effective service design and delivery. Leadership should be fostered and developed at all levels, not just in formal positions of authority, and should be targeted at team leaders, managers and clinicians.

An interprofessional, collaborative approach to leadership development aligns with expectations surrounding service delivery in mental health services in Victoria. As such, the Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Program has been designed with this leadership approach at its core.

Purpose Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Program (the Program) will bring together existing and emerging mental health leaders from across the nursing, allied health, medical and lived-experience workforces, supporting them to lead and coach within interdisciplinary teams.

The Program seeks to build a culture of innovation by supporting new and innovative ways of thinking, and creating a community of practice to facilitate knowledge exchange and support, and to drive practice change and service development in critical areas, specifically recovery-oriented practice and supported decision-making. The ultimate aim of this program was to establish a statewide community or practice for mental health interprofessional leaders.

VMHIL Network
This Network is a community of practice that aims to unite existing and emerging leaders within Victorian Mental Health Services (MHS) who through their interprofessional teams, have a collective wisdom, a range of skills and experiences and a joint commitment to leading change for Recovery.

As a community of practice, these member teams from across the Lived Experience, Medical, Allied Health and Nursing professions are committed to supporting Victorian Mental Health Services in identifying and implementing evidence informed, best practice approaches that are central to embedding Recovery.



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