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NorthWestern Mental Health provides extensive training programs for NWMH staff, staff from other services, graduates and postgraduates from a range of disciplines.

Staff training

To meet the ongoing professional development needs of staff across all clinical disciplines, the Mental Health Training and Development Unit was established in 2000. Staff are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of evidence-based training workshops and service development initiatives that are tailored to met the needs of junior, through to advanced practitioners. The workshops, which attract professional developmental points, attract over 1000 clinicians from across Victoria each year. The quality and relevance of the workshops has made the Unit a major provider of clinical training in the state.

Student, graduate and post-graduate support and training

The services provided by NorthWestern Mental Health are built on a solid foundation of association with Victoria's leading tertiary and research facilities.

A longstanding and active collaborative partnership with The University of Melbourne's Department of Psychiatry has resulted in NorthWestern Mental Health training more psychiatrists than any other program in Australia. The University of Melbourne's School of Postgraduate Nursing and the Department of Psychology also play an important role in teaching and research.

Clinical academic partnerships with La Trobe University in the disciplines of social work, psychology and occupational therapy and with Victoria University in undergraduate nursing provide a strong base from which clinical staff are supported in research and clinical practice.

Each year, a vast number of students actively participate in clinical placements with NorthWestern Mental Health. Through this, NorthWestern Mental Health plays a key role in the education and development of a skilled mental health workforce.

NorthWestern Mental Health is the primary clinical base for the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne and the Mental Health Research Institute. These significant collaborations have seen the establishment of clinical academic partnerships with NorthWestern Mental Health through its mental health services at Sunshine Hospital, The Northern Hospital, Broadmeadows Health Service, and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.


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