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Eating Disorders Program

Senior Staff

Program Director, Dr Chia Huang
Unit Manager, Lisa Stokes 

Role Descriptions

Social Worker
The social worker provides a range of social work assessments and interventions. These include individual, family and group work and community liaison. The clinician seeks to address underlying issues related to eating behaviours, vocational and recreational needs, anxiety and depression, past trauma and substance abuse. Development of coping skills and strategies is a key concept for this discipline.

The full time dietitian manages the nutritional intake of the inpatients, day patients and out patients. Helping the patient to restore normal body weight through normalised eating is a central theme of the role. Each new patient is assessed for the risk of developing nutrition related medical problems, with appropriate alterations made to meal plans. The patient undergoes a gradual reintroduction of food and increase in energy intake. The dietitian works in collaboration with the patient to develop an individually tailored meal plan. Group educational work is also undertaken by the dietitian.

Consumer Consultant
The unique role of the consumer consultant involves a variety of activities. Project work (such as service evaluation), Staff education, research and information provision all fall within the consumer consultants description. Group activities with patients are also undertaken on a regular basis.



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Eating Disorders Program


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