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Networks and supports

There are many psychology networks and supports for psychologists across the service, including within-service psychology meetings, the annual psychology forum, the network psychology seniors meeting, and the metropolitan heads of psychology meeting.  Furthermore psychologists can access a wide range of education and training opportunities.

Within-service psychology meetings

Each of the Area or Programs have a regular psychology meeting which enables psychologists working in different teams within a service to come together for professional development and support.  Across many areas of the service there is an annual Psychology Planning Day where all psychologists employed in the program are able to come together and review current psychology activities and plan new initiatives.

Psychology forum

The forum is held once or twice per year, and is open to all psychology employees within NWMH.  It provides an opportunity for psychologists working in a range of services to come together to discuss issues of mutual interest, and also an opportunity to catch up with colleagues en masse. 


Network psychology seniors meeting

The P4’s across the program, Academic Advisors and Psychology Advisor meet regularly on a bi-monthly basis.  The meeting has a range of functions including communication about issues across the network, work on specific policies for psychology, coordinating the Psychology forum and WETS training workshops for psychologists, and other projects identified in our work plan. 


Metropolitan heads of psychology

The metropolitan heads of psychology meeting is a monthly meeting attended by senior psychology staff working in the government sector in Melbourne.  Some representatives of the NWMH senior pscyhology group attend this meeting, and feed back information from this meeting to other psychologists in the service as appropriate.


Education and Training

NWMH has a strong emphasis on education and training and the psychology discipline is strongly involved in providing training to students, supporting new graduates through the registrar program and providing continuing training and education to all psychology employees.  Professional development is encouraged and regular workshops are run through the Western Education and Training Cluster (WETS) and the North Western Mental Health Training and Development Unit (MHTDU).  Part of the WETS is delivered as profession-specific workshops, with topic areas nominated by psychologists in NWMH and across the Western metropolitan and rural areas.  For a description of the current WETS program click here to link to the training calendar. 


The MHTDU workshops are open to all clinical staff members and are run regularly throughout the year with topics having a clinical and professional development focus.  For a description of the current program click here to link to the MHTDU training calender.  In addition to the above training initiatives, “in house” training and development is provided by a number of teams at NWMH including a comprehensive training program by the Substance use and Mental Illness Treatment Team (SUMITT) and training and education programs coordinated by the Primary Mental Health Teams (PMHTs). 



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