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A guide to working with mental health services in the North West area (May 2010)
This is a guide that has been designed to assist clinical and PDRSS workers familiarise
themselves with mental health services operating in the North West area, as well as support
them in developing collaborative relationships to improve rehabilitation and recovery outcomes
for shared consumers and their carers.

North West Alliance Newsletter (December 2008)
Provides a detailed overview of the project's background and aims, past achievements and
plans for the future.

North West Alliance Poster (December 2008)
This is a poster that has been designed for placement in staff working areas to reinforce key
messages around the importance of workers cooperating and assisting each other to support
the recovery needs of shared consumers.

Consumer Information Flyer (December 2008)
This is an information flyer that has been designed to provide consumers with a brief overview
of the project and how it will assist them in their recovery and rehabilitation.

North West Alliance Staff Orientation Booklet 2010
This booklet is intended to be a handy introductory guide to the partnership between clinical mental health services (NWAMHS) and Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services (PDRSS) in the north west area. The booklet includes information on where and when service orientation visits are being held and how to RSVP. Information about other useful resources and networking activities are included on the back page.




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