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Psychiatry Training Program / Psychiatry Employment Opportunities

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NorthWestern Mental Health NWMH offers a highly successful training program, with the greatest choice of training experiences in both basic and advanced RANZCP training areas, as well as multiple subspecialty areas.

We have well established training and exam support for our trainees and work hard to produce well rounded psychiatrists who have the opportunity to experience areas of personal interest throughout their training years.

NWMH is the mental health arm of Melbourne Health and provides comprehensive hospital-based, community and specialist services to youth, adults and aged people across northern and western Melbourne.

It is one of the largest publicly funded providers of mental health services in Australia, plus operates in partnership with other health services in the west and north of metropolitan Melbourne.

Across the NWMH, we employ around 100 Junior Medical Staff JMS, most of which are local RANZCP Registrars in all years of training, including positions within Acute inpatient unit, integrated adult community mental health teams through the following services:

  • Inner West Area Mental Health Service AMHS – based at Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • MidWest AMHS – based at Western Hospital Sunshine & Harvester Clinic Sunshine
  • NorthWest AMHS – based at the Broadmeadows Health Service & Coburg
  • Northern AMHS – based at Northern Hospital

The Orygen Youth Mental Health service and Aged MH services are also based in our area and have general and specialised positions for basic and advanced trainees.

Across our JMS workforce, we employ :

  • RANZCP local trainees – completing the full training program through Stage One, Two and Three
  • Specialist International Medical Graduates SIMGs – on the Specialist pathway with the RANZCP College to Fellowship
  • Specialist International Medical Graduates SIMGs – on the SST pathway with the RANZCP College for 1 – 2 years
  • Psychiatry HMOs / UnAccredited Registrars – interested in joining the RANZCP training program
  • IMG HMOs – we only occasionally employ IMG HMOs to our Inpatient Units and only if they have psychiatry experience

In terms of our RANZCP local trainees, our First Year Registrars traditionally have two six-month terms in our inpatient units IPU (based in one of the four AMHSs and Orygen) to ensure the most supported supervision and a direct and intensive learning experience with our IPU Consultants.

During First Year, there are central foundation tutorials on interview skills with Senior Consultant Psychiatrists, plus strong teaching on communication and mental state examination.

Dedicated training time to attend the Masters of Psychiatry program is highly valued and ensured on all IPUs.

After the first year of psychiatry training is completed (Stage One), we have the capacity to rotate Registrars through a broad range of positions that meet the Stage 2 training requirements:

  • Royal Childrens Hospital – hospital based CL position and community positions in the west
  • Consultation Liaison Psychiatry positions – at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Western Hospital Sunshine and Footscray, Northern Hospital
  • Aged Persons MH – based at Royal Park, Broadmeadows, Sunshine and Bundoora

Plus we then have a wide variety of general integrated adult community and residential units (PARC, CCU, SECU) for more senior Registrars, and close links with other services to provide wonderful opportunities to train in many subspecialty areas, including :

  • Forensic Psychiatry via Forensicare state-wide forensic MH service
  • Perinatal Psychiatry via Mercy Werribee Mother-Baby Unit
  • Addiction Psychiatry via Western Health Drug Health Service, SUMITT and Regen at Northern AMHS
  • Private Psychiatry via The Melbourne Clinic and Albert Rd Clinic
  • Centralised Triage service – covering all of NWMH referrals
  • Homeless mental health – at RMH
  • Research – via the University of Melbourne Department of Psychiatry
  • Aboriginal MH – at Northern AMHS
  • Shared Care positions with MW and NW

Senior Registrars who undertake their training at NWMH can also apply to the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Eating Disorder Unit & Neuropsychiatry Units at RMH through our close partnerships with these units.

NWMH also has a proud tradition of employing overseas trained doctors on the Specialist and SST pathways with RANZCP. Psychiatry Consultants / Specialists from other countries generally start with us as Specialist SIMG Registrars. They work at Senior Registrar level with supervision and undertake extra training to equip them to pass the RANZCP assessments and examinations towards Fellowship, which allow them to then apply for consultant positions in Australia.

We occasionally employ a limited number of IMG HMOs, but only consider applications from those IMG HMOs who fulfil the criteria below.

While we have always employed HMOs either directly or via the MWUs of RMH, Western or Northern Health, we have more recently actively recruited HMOs who have an interest in joining the RANZCP Psychiatry training program into positions where they work as an Unaccredited Registrar on Inpatient Units or general adult community positions.

These positions are a wonderful opportunity to work in similar positions to our trainees with Consultant Psychiatrist experienced and enthusiastic to supervise those with a strong interest in Psychiatry as a career and with a strong commitment to excellence in mental health care for our patients.

We view this year as an introduction to Psychiatry training and therefore aim to employ those with experience in psychiatry and a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in psychiatry.

We encourage all those who complete an HMO/UnAccredited Reg year with us to then apply to join Psychiatry training as a First Year Registrar in the following year.

The training program at NWMH has outstanding success in preparing Registrars for the College exams and has consistently achieved a high pass rate. We also have close links to the University of Melbourne with the potential for research and teaching opportunities.

NWMH takes the support of our Registrars and HMOs very seriously and have developed programs to ensure that our JMS feel able to provide feedback and get involved in improvement projects, as well as get the individualised support that they may need throughout their training.

Joining Psychiatry training as a Registrar at First Year, or as a more senior Registrar, with NWMH is an excellent opportunity to start your career with a passionate, dynamic and experienced team of Registrars, Consultants and mental health clinicians across our service. Positions within NWMH provide excellent training opportunities in a broad range of adult, youth, aged and other subspecialty areas.

Find out more

Further information about our positions, selection criteria and applicantion processes can be found via nwmhdoctors.org.au, plus please feel free to contact us on NWMH_Medical_Recruitment@mh.org.au regarding our application process.


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