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 Western Cluster - Governance Structures

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria

Each of the Victorian Mental Health Learning and Development Clusters are funded by and report to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

The Western Cluster reports annually to the Department to provide information on the types and frequency of training activities, the range of participants attending, feedback on events, and the types and effectiveness of processes used to conduct our business.

The Western Cluster is also a participating member of the DHHS Clusters Collaborative Steering Committee, where each of the three state wide Clusters, as well as other mental health organisations, meet monthly to discuss and consider Victorian mental health workforce priorities.

Western Cluster Lead Agency

NorthWestern Mental Health is the lead agency for the Western Cluster. Lead Agents have responsibility for overseeing the day to day management of all identified Cluster responsibilities.

Lead Agents work collaboratively and transparently with the committees regarding overall aims and planning of all cluster education and training.

Western Cluster Administration Team

Manager: Dr Rosemary Charleston
I am pleased to be involved in such a positive and productive initiative, one that allows Victorian public mental health services to strengthen workforce development and partnerships (cross Cluster and cross sectors).

My role is responsible for coordination, liaison, education and training development and evaluation, and cluster communication. It would be great to hear from you about any current or future activities.

Administrative Officer: Amira Campana 
The administrative role for Western Cluster operates two days each week . The person in this position manages the administration of Cluster activities, including training registrations/confirmations, communicating with presenters and participants, website management, and a range of other activities. This role is usually the first point of contact via phone or email for the Cluster.

Please feel free to contact us.

Western Cluster Governance Group   

The Governance Group is responsible for providing a single point of coordination to achieve the goals and objectives for the Cluster. The Governance Group is also responsible for providing advice and strategic guidance and direction, determining structures and roles, funding arrangements, and evaluation developments. Each participating Cluster service has a member representative on Governance.

Western Cluster Education and Training Steering Committee  

A philosophy of collaboration, inclusion and equity underpins the roles and responsibilities of the Western Victorian Mental Health Learning & Development Cluster Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the implementation and evaluation of workforce development activities within the cluster. It is primarily responsible for progressing operational issues associated with the major activities. The Steering Committee reports to the Governance Group, and provides support and advice as required to this group.

Each participating Cluster service has a member representative on the Steering Committee. Allied Health groups, Aged Persons Mental Health, and Child and Youth Mental Health are also represented.



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