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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are some frequently asked questions and answers about working as a psychologist at NWMH. 

Q. What will I earn working as a psychologist at NWMH?

A.  Psychologists in NWMH earn a regular income that compares favourably with many private practice alternatives.  For specific information about salary, leave entitlements and other conditions click here to go to employment.


Q. What access is there to professional development?

A.  There are many opportunities for professional development. Psychologists are linked in to a regular area psychology meeting, attend yearly psychology forums across the network, planning days and have access to ongoing training through programs such as WETS and the MHTDU.  In addition, new graduates are enrolled in the registrar program with a structured program of professional development.  For more information about professional development click here to go to networks and supports. 


Q. What is the supervision structure?

A.  There is a supportive supervision structure across the network.  It is the policy of NWMH that all psychologists working within the network receive supervision.  In addition new psychologists are assigned a mentor when they begin employment at NWMH and new graduates are enrolled in the registrar program.  The registrar program meets the supervision requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) for new graduates working towards endorsement in clinical psychology.  All psychologists are provided with opportunties to access supervision training and support.  Click here to go to graduates and traineeswhich contains further information.


Q. Will I be working with or linked in with other psychologists?

A.  Yes. Many teams employ more than one psychologist, but even if you are the sole psychologist in your team, you will be linked in with your area psychology team meetings and forums.  Each area has an area senior psychologist position (P4) with part of their role being to ensure all psychologists are adequately supervised, supported and linked in with other psychologists and supports.


For more information about psychology at NWMH please email enquiries to IWAMHS-Psychology@mh.org.au 



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