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Eating Disorders Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
Q. How long will I have to undergo treatment as an inpatient on the Eating Disorders Unit ?
A. The average length of stay is around 35 days. Every experience of an eating disorder is different, therefore, treatment is tailored to an individual's needs. Some patients may stay at the Unit for only a couple of weeks, some a few months.

Q. What results can I expect from an inpatient stay?
A. Treatment on the Unit aims to restore physical health and bring about medical stability. Psychological work is another major component of the program; advancements in this area are also aimed for. The bio-psycho-social model the program centres around aims to cover the cross section of issues that an eating disorder can affect.

Q. As a patient of the service, will I have to take medication?
A. Sometimes the psychiatrists will suggest that you take some medication to help a symptom related to your eating disorder. Care plans are individually tailored so medication prescription will very from person to person.

Q. What will I have to eat while I am an inpatient?
A. Upon referral to the service an appointment is set up with the dietitian. Collaboratively, a meal plan is worked out. The program aims to help patients restore healthy weight so, depending upon an individual's circumstances, energy and nutritional needs, meal plans will vary.

Q. What would I need to pack for an inpatient stay?
A. As a stay on the Eating Disorders Unit can be quite lengthy, you need to pack anything that will help you to be comfortable. This may include your own pillow and doona, pyjamas and some regular day clothes, as well as the usual toiletries and personal items.

In order to respect the privacy of others we ask that cameras and other recording devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc not used whilst in the unit.



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